Ask, Believe & Receive

Matthew 21:22 Pictures, Images and Photos

Disclaimer: Today’s post is only one of the many personal testimonies God has allowed me to conquer, so that I may share with you. I am not revealing this for pity or praise. It has just been laid on my heart to reveal my account of how God has worked in my life. I debated with myself as to how I would deliver this…but as I often heard my grandmother say to me, “Be yourself” and that is the only person I know to be.  However, if my disclosure brings one of my readers desiring to become closer to Him, I have accomplished and succeeded with this precious assignment. To God, and none other, be the glory! More


The Key of Evidence

Last Wednesday, my dad came over to get the key to one of my cars to prepare for some repairs. He noticed it was severely worn to the point it would be impossible to get a replica. He advised me to go to the dealer and they could make me an original as long as I showed proof that I was the owner of the vehicle.

The next day I set out to get my key made. Though before I left the house, “the voice” (AKA the Holy Spirit) said More

My Appointment with Him

*in the dark with iPod set to Ayeisha Woods’ “Take Me There” on constant rotation, bended knees, eyes closed, head lowered and hands clasped*

Dear Father God,

I come to you as humbly as I know how. Thank you for being a loving, compassionate, and forgiving god because I truly don’t deserve Your kindness, much less your faithfulness toward me. *smiles* But thank You for Your only begotten, full of grace and truth, who was the Word transformed into flesh. He lived with us for some time and we saw Your glory through Him. When He said, “It is finished” More

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