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I am going to be blatantly honest with you all. I don’t like talking about myself. More than anything, I despise the interview question of “So, tell me about yourself?”. I always seem to leave out some important detail that makes me unique, not tell enough or feel like I haven’t told enough.

Nevertheless, I was researching blog tips and ideas and saw someone recommend this page as a good idea because people want to know about the person who is writing about subjects that matter to them. *recovers deleted page from trash* Plus, it made sense to me because I would want to know.

Okay, here is a Q & A session with me. If there is something I missed and you want to know the answer, fill out the form below. Keep it PG, please so I can add it/share with what’s already published here. Thanks!

Who are you?

Just a simple country gal who gets ecstatic about the simplest things in life and loves sitting in her living room, looking out the open front door occasionally while reading a book or surfing the internet. I love to shop, frugally though. If it’s not on sale, clearance or can be bought with a coupon, I usually don’t buy it. I am honored to still be a daughter (I lost the cherished title of granddaughter), mother, and friend.

You mentioned you were a mother, how many children do you have?

Just one. Believe me, if you have been blessed to meet her, you would definitely agree she is more than enough for me to handle! She is a very outgoing, amazing, intelligent, and articulate little person. Kamari (commonly referred to as “Baby Girl/BG” is 8 years old and will be entering the third grade this school year. Though I perpetrate, I am not sure where I would be without her in my life. Bottom line.

Are you married?

Not in this chapter in my life. When I was younger, I didn’t want a husband, just the child. Backward? Yes, maybe. But you haven’t walked in my shoes, seen life through my eyes or heard what I have heard. As I have gotten a little more wiser and mature, I am nonchalant about the whole idea. If it happens, great. On the other hand, if it doesn’t, that’s fine, too. My life’s value isn’t any lesser in my eyes because I am not.

Let’s just say I have kissed many frogs. Even a few toads and none have turned out to be my King yet. (I’m already a princess. I need someone who can promote me!) In some of their defenses, I am not Cinderella (I am in a transformation stage) yet myself. (Then again, who is?)

What is your favorite food?

Do I have to pick one?! Pass. I’ll come back.

What’s your occupation?

At this time in my life, I juggle many positions with several companies/facilities. My titles range from administrative assistant to nursing assistant to substitute teacher/tutor to phlebotomist. I have a passion and gift for healing others (meaning assisting others to recover). I love to take care of people. Always have. The physiology of the body alone makes me realize what an omnipotent and creative God exists. I used to say I didn’t have the skill or craft of being able to teach. Hmph, the power of the tongue and God! *eats previous words* I now have to say I do possess more patience now to explain and simplify concepts to my 8 year old, my beloved fifth graders or any of the volunteers in the organizations I am affiliated with. It really makes you feel like those Campbell soup commercials inside when a child’s light bulb goes off when they understand what you have exhausted all avenues of explanation on.

What’s a phlebotomist?

Wikipedia states (my teachers would disown me for citing this), “Phlebotomists are individuals trained to draw blood samples for medical testing”.


More commonly referred to as “vampires” or “You the one that’s gonna take my blood today?”


What’s your favorite book?

Wow! Tough question. I have so many and have read soooo many. I don’t think I could pick one. If I am in a humorous and silly mood, I would have to say any of the Stephanie Plum series. Lula and Grandma Mazur are truly laugh out loud funny. Otherwise, three books come to mind…Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor (the sequel is really good too); My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult (the book is so much better than the movie), and Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I am currently reading The Hunger Games’ series. I am on the second book, Catching Fire.

I do enjoy the reading or listening to passages from the Bible via translations such as the New Living Translation or The Message. Growing up, I only had access to the King James Version. I, like many others, found it difficult and exhausting to understand. So, it is climbing on my favorites’ list.

What possessed you to write or begin a blog?

I would have to accredit that God. I have always been a writer and expressing myself through words. Since I have found a deeper resting place in my relationship with Him, I knew I couldn’t continue or revert back to the same area I scribed from before this transformation took place.

I asked Him how did He want me to use the talent that brings me so much joy to display, and this was His answer. *laughs* I was ecstatic and nervous (but in a good way) to begin the task. The encouragement and assistance I sought from friends, a sister-in-Christ and a former English instructor were the additional pushes to let the creative juices flow.

In the short amount of time Daring2DesireHim has been active, the feedback has been tremendous! So, that’s only confirmation and fuels my fire.


To be continued…

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